When to
See an Orthodontist

Parents, it is recommended to bring your child in for a complimentary consultation at the age of 7. Often, your child’s dentist will refer you to an orthodontist at this time, but even if not it is still recommended to have your child evaluated. It is a common misconception that you should wait until all your child’s baby teeth are gone to see an orthodontist, which usually happens around age 11-13. Having your child evaluated at age 7 ensures that his or her teeth and jaws are developing normally and it may help you avoid more costly or invasive treatment down the road.

The most common statement we hear from our adult patients is “I wish I would’ve done this sooner!” Now is the time. CFO is ready to work with whatever time and financial constraints you have to make improvements to your smile. As a board-certified orthodontist and Invisalign expert, Dr. Jackson is equipped to give you the best and healthiest smile possible. With CFO’s convenient remote monitoring, tiered pricing structure and flexible payment options, your best result is often easier and more affordable than you may imagine.

Early Treatment

At age 7, it is recommended for your child to receive an orthodontic checkup. Depending on your child’s needs, one of four options will be recommended:

Often, all we recommend is a high five and another complimentary checkup in 6 months as a part of our Grinnies Club, where kids enjoy fun checkups and rewards twice a year as their adult teeth come in. These checkups allow Dr. Jackson to determine the perfect timing for orthodontic treatment if it is indicated.

If our exam and X-ray reveals a problem with the eruption of adult teeth due to severe crowding or an abnormal eruption pattern, early treatment will be recommended to make room for erupting teeth. This decreases the chances of adjacent tooth damage, impacted teeth, and need for adult tooth extractions as a part of Phase II treatment. Phase II treatment around the age of 11-13 is almost always still recommended after Phase I for ideal alignment and bite correction, but can be greatly reduced in cost and length of time if a recommended Phase I has been done.

Between the ages of 6-10 is a crucial time for palate expansion if it is needed due to a narrow palate, crowding or airway concerns. Palate expansion attempted later as a teen or adult becomes difficult without jaw surgery.

Prolonged thumb-sucking, pacifier use, or any other oral habit can permanently affect a child’s teeth and bite. The well-timed use of a painless orthodontic appliance to aid in the cessation of these habits can have significant positive effects on a child’s development.

Adult Treatment

Believe it or not, 1 out of every 3 orthodontic patients is an adult. If you are an adult seeking treatment at CFO, you will certainly not be alone! There are many reasons an adult may seek orthodontic treatment, whether it be correctly shifting from previous treatment as a child, relieving an uncomfortable bite or TMJ issues, protecting teeth from wearing down, preparing teeth for dental restorations, or achieving a confident smile for the very first time. With a range of treatment options and prices, we will meet your needs with a custom-fit plan. Too busy? Call for a virtual consultation and let us show you how easy it can be.

Invisalign ®

In the hands of the right doctor, Invisalign® is an amazing instrument for achieving beautiful orthodontic results. After becoming a dentist, Dr. Jackson trained in one of the top Invisalign® orthodontic residency programs in the country and has since treated hundreds of patients to beautiful smiles with Invisalign® (including himself!). At CFO, we customize our treatment plans and pricing by getting to know the needs and desires of our patients so you can rest assured knowing you are getting the best value with your Invisalign® treatment.

Want to know a surprising secret? Kids are hands down the best wearers of Invisalign®! Able to resolve extreme crowding and even replace the need for an expander in milder cases, Invisalign® is often Dr. Jackson's top choice for kids who need Phase I treatment. Plus, who likes pokey wires and food restrictions? Parents of kids in Invisalign® love the simplicity, comfort and convenience of this option!

Hey teens! You can straighten your teeth, play contact sports, and enjoy popcorn without any visible accessories. Imagine having a luminous smile without having to wear braces in your graduation photos. Now you can with Invisalign for teens.


Whether you're a patient in treatment with us or not, CFO would love to brighten your smile! Dr. Jackson and the team guide you on the right bleaching material for your teeth and provide you with a comfortable set of bleaching trays. Our Invisalign® patients can whiten their teeth during treatment so that their final result is beautiful and bright!


The classic treatment option with modern-day improvements. If you want to have fun with colors on your braces, metal braces are the way to go! Durable and highly effective, metal braces are a fantastic option for achieving the smile of your dreams.

If you want the benefits of braces, but aren’t ready to sport the braces look, clear braces are the choice for you. Hardly noticeable, clear braces are made from ceramic and are equally as effective as metal braces with all the subtlety you’re looking for.

Advanced Technology

Technology has improved, and so has the orthodontic patient experience at CFO. Remember goopy impressions? You won’t get one at CFO! We use digital scans for all impressions. Additionally, Dr. Jackson monitors each teen and adult patients’ progress in between visits with quick and easy smartphone scans. This allows us to immediately address any problems, provide instant feedback, and determine the perfect time for your next in-person visit. What results is a superior finish in less time and a more enjoyable experience, all while honoring your precious time.

Lifetime Retainers

You’ve invested in your oral health and appearance, so we are committed to ensuring you keep those incredible results! At CFO, our retainer game is strong: We offer our clients lifetime retainers to ensure your beautiful new smile will remain that way.

Whether you choose fixed-bonded or clear removable retainers after treatment, you can feel good knowing that the CFO team will provide your retainers forever, including no-shame replacements. Life happens, and we have you covered when it does.

Lifetime Guarantee

Your smile is our business. When you receive treatment at CFO, you can have peace of mind knowing the results you achieve with us are meant to last a lifetime.

After you complete treatment at CFO, if you are unsatisfied with your result or if your teeth have shifted for any reason, we will re-treat you free of charge. We stand behind the hard work we put into each and every smile!

Look and Feel Your Best